Google Smart Shopping campaigns are a fairly new campaign type within the Google Ads platform, with the goal to simplify advertising products on the Google search engine by using automated bidding and ad placements.

Featuring speakers from CampaignHero and Broadplace Advertising

Smart Shopping gives businesses with smaller bandwidth the ability to generate product listing ads with minimal assets and input required, making it the perfect solution for SMBs in the ecommerce sector.

What you will learn in our Google Smart Shopping webinar:

  1. How PPC advertising on platforms like Google Ads can help
  2. Problem CampaignHero Solves
  3. Launching a Google Smart Shopping Campaign 
  4. Optimise an existing Smart Shopping campaign

Within our slides, you can skip to any part that best suits you and your business. 

If the webinar isn’t enough for you, head over to our blog to learn more about Google Ads Shopping campaigns


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