Welcome to the second episode of our CampaignHero mini-webinar series.

In these episodes we will be aiming to provide small businesses content, knowledge and tools that will greatly benefit their marketing strategy. 

In this episode we will be exploring the use of Facebook ads for your business. 

Facebook advertisement is the most popular form of social advertising in which they offer a wide scope of audiences and creative styles for their advertisers. 

What will we cover in this webinar? 

  • Introducing Facebook advertising and the benefits it can provide businesses 
  • The basic campaign structure to use as best practice 
  • Step-by-step walkthrough on how to set up a campaign
  • How to use Facebook ads reporting and analytics tools 
  • How CampaignHero can help support you in your Facebook advertising endeavours.

Want to learn more about Facebook ads? Check out our beginners guide on our blog.


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