Welcome to the first episode of our CampaignHero mini-webinar series.

In these episodes we will be aiming to provide small businesses content, knowledge and tools that will greatly benefit their marketing strategy. 

So, to start off let's take a look at 10 basic digital marketing tips that you should be using for your small business.

Don’t want to watch the whole thing? We got you, we’ve added them below.

  1. Have a website or landing page
  2. Appear on Google My Business (GMB)
  3. Using social media correctly can be a powerful tool
  4. Embrace paid advertising on platforms like Google, Facebook and Microsoft ads. 
  5. Prioritise your brands authenticity and personalisation 
  6. Increase your businesses outreach and partnerships 
  7. Make sure you are using analysis, data, and tracking
  8. Get started with some basic SEO best practices.
  9. Connect with your audience. 
  10. Build and grow an email list.


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