In this webinar featuring our partners at Google, we will explore the elements of conversion tracking that are important to your business.

So what is conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking is the ability to capture customer actions on your website after they interact with one of your mediums.

So when advertising through Google, Microsoft or Facebook ads it’s important that you have conversion tracking set-up on your website to see how your customers are completing conversions and enable you to map customer journeys for more successful ad campaigns.  

What you will learn about in our conversion tracking webinar:

  1. Why use conversion tracking?
  2. What is conversion tracking? 
  3. Best practices from key speakers at Google Ads
  4. How to set up conversion tracking step-by-step
  5. Sign-box for CampaignHero to help you set-up if you need help!

We understand small businesses may struggle with the more technical side that is conversion tracking, so feel free to reach out to our team to walk you through it.


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