Can I afford to outsource my ads?

Online advertising on channels like Google, Microsoft & Facebook is an investment in your business. Like any investment it can really pay off but, you'll want to be sure it's well managed to yield the results you want.

It's important to factor in that cost of expertise as well and you might be wondering how much it would cost to have an agency or freelancer manage your ad campaigns for you. Although prices may vary depending on the complexity of your campaigns, our handy tool can give you a quick guide price on how much the average agency or freelancer might charge, depending on the level of complexity and expertise you require.

How does the ad management fee calculator work?

Step 1: Enter your monthly ad spend budget, if you want help calculating what this should be, head over to our ad budget calculator first.
Step 2: Add some information about your current business situation, who is handling you advertising, what you are looking for. 
Step 3: Let us show you the results!

Which solution is right for my business?

There are a variety of different solutions for ad management, such as agencies, freelancers of software solutions, or even hybrid solutions like CampaignHero, in which we aim to give you all of these in one. 

Depending on the complexity of your goals and your own ad knowledge you may wish for a campaign manager with varying levels of expertise, for example, you may need an effective time-saving solution for a small campaign or a very detailed expert solution for a large multi-channel campaign. 

If you’re not sure of what you need, then we’d recommend starting with basic options, or booking in time with a specialist at CampaignHero who will guide you for free as to which solution best suits your needs. With are experts specialising in small-and-medium-sized businesses high growth campaigns. But not just that, we can also recommend partners and other options no matter what kind of expertise or type of campaign you’re running.

Why might CampaignHero be the perfect fit for you

Our goal here at CampaignHero is transparency- businesses are precious, and you should always know how much you’re spending on management and with your ad spend. You should be as clear as possible about what service you’re getting and set your expectations around that, this makes for a fruitful working relationship with your agency or freelancer in which you will see the benefits through your results. If you don’t have that visibility or aren’t sure how much you’re paying in management vs ad spend then we encourage you to ask your provider and find out! If you’re paying above average but getting above-average service than that is no bad thing, (we at campaignhero really value service) but we really believe that things are best out in the open, so make sure you’re getting the service that suits you - and results will follow! 

There’s no right or wrong way to select an ad management solution, however, it’s important that your budget reaches its maximum value for your goals. You can use our calculator to explore some benchmark costs for different pricing models, types of provides and levels of expertise to find prices and solutions that best suit your business needs. If you are also looking for how much you should be spending on your PPC campaigns, you can use our ad spend calculator tool here.