Are PPC Ads Worth Your Budget?

Calculate Your Potential Return On Ad Spend & Understand How To Plan An Effective PPC Budget

How much does advertising cost? Effective, budgeting planning and forecasting are crucial to any business plan, online ads are no different. 

Paying for Facebook, Google or Microsoft advertising can feel like a risk, it’s hard to tell how much budget you need to invest to see the return in results. It doesn’t have to be that way, whatever advertising you’re running our ad spend calculator will help you answer important questions to guide you in a plan individualised to your business.

How does the ad budget calculator work?

Step 1: Enter your currency, your monthly budget, desired cost-per-click, input your business estimates based on your current conversion funnel data. If you need some help with this take a look at your Google Analytics, current CRM or sales team to find out this information, inputting the most accurate data will enable our ad spend calculator to give you the best results.

Step 2: Input your email address so we can send you over a copy of the results to share within your business. 

Step 3: Our calculator can now based on your information provided will determine estimated clicks for your budget, estimated leads and based on your sales effectiveness, how many of those might convert. Based on your product/service value, we can then turn that into an estimated revenue from your ads and in turn calculate your estimated return on ad spend and profit. 

Step 4: Repeat all the steps again! Have an experiment with the calculator using different budgets and cost-per-click estimates, this will help you plan what budget you should be using for your desired results. For example, if you enter a low budget to start but the expected revenue is below your expectation, just jump back in and re-adjust that budget, conversion rates or CPCs to see those estimates increase.

Why is our ad budget calculator different from the rest?

Whether you want to calculate your Google Ad spend or Facebook ad spend our tool will be able to help guide you with estimates. By putting together some basic assumptions about your business our ads calculator can start to help you benchmark how much you should be investing, and how much it might return. It might also help shed a spotlight on data you need to find out what your conversion rate is, or how many leads convert to sales. Our ad spend calculator helps you mould your advertising plan enabling you to build an initial forecast in which you can reuse the calculator on a regular basis, before running a campaign, a month in, and even 3 months into a campaign to see how accurate predictions were and re-forecast over time to get even more accurate calculations.

Have you got your budget in mind and need help with the next step? You might want some extra help with Google, Facebook or Microsoft Ads, see if you can budget for support using our Management Fee Calculator tool to start estimating how much it would cost to have your ad spend managed by a professional digital agency, a freelancer or even if a CampaignHero package suits your business needs.