Digital advertising is a powerful tool to fuel online growth for your business. When running campaigns many advertisers have important business questions.

*How much should I spend?
*What results can I expect?
*How can I measure my return?

Whether you’re using Facebook Ads or Google Ads, our ad spend calculator will help you answer these important questions and guide you on how to build a plan that suits your business.

The Ultimate Question

How much does advertising cost?Effective, budgeting planning and forecasting are crucial to any business plan, online ads are no different. 

Whether you are already advertising or considering it for the first time, budgeting and setting expectations can be difficult, especially with the ever-changing digital landscape. There’s no set in stone formula that can tell you how much you should spend on ads and how much you’ll get back. It’s essential to know your numbers and have some ideas before you start investing in PPC and social advertising platforms, this will help you rule out uncertainty at an early stage as well as give you a good idea of realistic expectations. There is a range of tools that can also help you in your planning including Google’s Keyword Planner and site speed tests and even your own Google Analytics data (if you have it).  

The CampaignHero ad spend calculator
If you are looking for a PPC calculator, look no further, whether you want to calculate you Google Ad spend or Facebook ad spend our tool will be able to help guide you with estimates. By putting together some basic assumptions about your business our ads calculator can start to help you benchmark how much you should be investing, and how much it might return. It might also help shed a spotlight on data you need to find out what your conversion rate is, or how many leads convert to sales. Our ad spend calculator helps you mould your advertising plan enabling you to build an initial forecast in which you can reuse the calculator on a regular basis, before running a campaign, a month in, and even 3 months into a campaign to see how accurate predictions were and re-forecast over time to get even more accurate calculations.

How does it work?

Input your campaign estimates, for example, your available budget, and potential CPC depending on your industry/vertical, if you are unsure, use our recommendations on our Industry Insights page or the Keyword Planner tool previously mentioned. 

Now insert your business information, this is the information regarding your conversion funnel, this will help us give you the most accurate results. You can get these metrics from your sales team, using Google Analytics or making the best estimates you can. This will be data relating to how many leads you might need to generate a sale, or the value of your products in order to estimate a customer’s lifetime value.

Our calculator based on your information provided will be able to determine estimated clicks for your budget, estimated leads and based on your sales effectiveness, how many of those you might convert. Based on your product/service value, we can then turn that into an estimated revenue from your ads and in turn calculate your estimated return on ad spend and profit. 

The ad spend calculator is designed to be used multiple times, so, we encourage you to keep experimenting with your numbers and see how your calculations and estimates might change, in order to work out a plan to achieve your desired business outcome. For example, if you enter a low budget to start but the expected revenue is below your expectation you can always jump back and re-adjust budget, conversion rates or CPCs.

Want someone to help take care of your advertising needs? You can also combine this tool with our Management Fee Calculator to start estimating how much it would cost to have your ad spend management by a digital agency, a freelancer or even see how a premium plan from CampaignHero might be able to help.