Who are CampaignHero?

Our origin story

The CampaignHero and Broadplace Team

CampaignHero is the software arm of the award-winning digital marketing agency, Broadplace, designed to help SMEs grow their business online. Broadplace identified that some SMEs were struggling to gain access to digital marketing support through traditional agency solutions, due to a lack of education in the subject or in some cases, a limited budget.

CampaignHero was established to rescue businesses at risk of losing out. The CampaignHero app provides the support SMEs need at a highly cost-effective price, whilst coaching the user throughout campaign creation, allowing them to work towards total self-sufficiency.

The app itself

Our sole mission for CampaignHero is ‘to give every SME access to a digital marketing consultant’, we understand that digital marketing is constantly evolving and developing with new technologies and businesses must be competent to keep up with the demands of consumers in an increasingly competitive market. That’s where we come in, CampaignHero makes managing online advertising accounts such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook easy, simple and effective. The app provides real, actionable and beneficial tips, tricks and recommendations that will help boost your campaigns to aid the growth of your business. Our app features include:

  • In-app chat support with our expert digital marketing team.
  • Reporting and Trend data insights on your dashboard.
  • Recommended improvement suggestions which are personalised to your advertising campaigns.
  • Goal setting and achievement badges to keep you motivated and on track.
  • The ability to split performance quickly for easy access of metrics via different advertising channels, such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook ads.
  • Access to digital marketing training materials in the form of articles and videos to help build your online presence.
  • Access to a free video PPC or SEO audit on your account.
  • A cross-device solution giving you the power of CampaignHero on any device, mobile, tablet or desktop.

The CampaignHero app does the heavy lifting for you, its smart technology aids small-and-medium businesses to keep all advertising campaigns in one place, allowing entrepreneurs to spend more time on the actions that matter.

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