Our mission statement at CampaignHero is to increase the level of digital marketing for SMBs around the world - we aim to do that by giving every small-and-medium business access to a digital marketing consultant via our app.

Setting Objectives

To best-set objectives for the launch of the app we conducted a brief situation analysis from both a business and a user perspective, this helps ensure a solid product-market fit and that we stick to brief and our results would match the desired outcomes. From a business perspective we looked at the number of clients, the existing technology solution and frustrations, and mapped our desired outputs and KPIs against these, to help the business through a digital transformation, bridging the gap between agency and technology solution by implementing a customer-facing technology platform.

To aggressively grow users by 10x over one year to over 3000, double the managed advertising or media spend of the business to over £7million whilst reducing the cost of sale through enabling low cost low touch marketing techniques, implementing automation to replace manual client servicing with a solution that could appeal to SMEs of any budget at a global level.

We then looked at the existing offerings available to users with the identified need to understand what was currently available, the difficulties and pain points and what we’d need to supply to a potential user, helping small businesses either new to digital marketing or with ineffective campaigns to save time and money without having to engage in lengthy contracts or cost-ineffective solutions for their budgets. To do this we identified a user would need a range of recommendations to keep them engaged, with both free and premium options to allow them access at whatever level of expertise, and to fit in with their busy lifestyles they would prefer a high-performance mobile solution with expected features such as in-app customer service.

Choosing Our Audience

The target audience was clear long before the conception of the CampaignHero app. Based on our experience and existing customer base using our non-software solutions, we had defined an ideal target customer and user persona. We’ve pulled out some initial examples here of a customer personas for example:

  • Rudra, currently now using Google Ads, running a small family business, looking to understand marketing
  • Or Akhila a young founder looking to accelerate the growth of her small e-commerce shop.

We’ve monitored and re-assessed our personas and product over time using tools like Firebase & Facebook Analytics to ensure a tight product market fit - accelerating our growing global appeal by localizing content to different languages such as Portuguese and Spanish and updating our branding, look and feel to reflect the age and interests of our most engaged users.

The Strategy

To realize our goals at CampaignHero we based our strategy on 3 key principals:

  • Measurement through Tracking & BI
  • Innovative through Creative and novel approaches
  • Iterating up using well-designed Experiments and feedback

These tenants apply across all our departments including user acquisition, product & engineering and customer success & support. Using a robust combination of 3rd party and ad platform tracking solutions such as Facebook, Firebase and Kochava we’re able to track valuable events across platforms down to a user level, monitoring our user engagement funnel from impression to purchase and all the micro-events in-between for example, registration, purchase start and level achieved. This allowed us to build features on top of a robust decision making machine that has continuously allowed us to improve on user experience driving both user delight as well as retention leading to increase LTVs and real revenue growth for the business.

We built CampaignHero as the first ever mobile first solution of it’s kind and we wanted to use a framework that would make this seamless. After significant R&D we chose to work with ionic framework v4 to help us build not only a world class cross-platform mobile solution but also a mobile first PWA - meaning our users can experience a robust and seamless solution mobile first, on any device. Although we’ve used a framework to speed up the development we’re passionate about the customization we’ve included to enhance each and every one of our features.

Our feature list was designed based on user feedback, using the concept of the levels of user experience by jon dulg as guiding principals. To do this, we reviewed each of the features we’d designed based on qualitative feedback from our target audience in order to try and meet and exceed expectations.

We then mapped each of the product stories to ensure we were hitting as many of the main UX points as possible and built out our solution to meet those needs, by adopting an agile methodology we were able to quickly iterate upon these initial designs and our team of full-stack developers were able to provide effective functionality whilst using the Ionic Framework. By doing this we were able to effectively build a range of features that would best meet our users needs whilst also providing them high levels of satisfaction and fulfilment in brief our core app features are:

  • Our recommendations and improvements are compiled pulled daily using our own data science with input from our partners at Google and Microsoft.
  • A creative dashboard that allows users to combine data from multiple ad sources like facebook and google ads overall health score as part of our initial account audit and learn how to improve this over time. Based on the research we also added both text and video summaries of the report as we found users wanted a more engaging and simple way to interpret the weekly performance and found the dashboard alone confusing to make sense of.
  • And to keep more expert users engaged we allow them to request a team of experts to implement more complex recommendations on their behalf to save them time.
  • To assist users who needed free or basic information we also offer in-app video courses that delight and engage.
  • And to ensure we are supporting and onboarding users along the way we integrate with live in-app chat to provide priority support for business users to further improve their productivity - giving them access to advertising experts at a value that was previously impossible using a non-app based solution.

Gathering Feedback

To learn at scale and develop our solution out of BETA we used innovative and creative solutions like video surveys and interviews which helped us develop features like our video summary reports which are world first and push the boundaries of what is possible using web and mobile technologies.

Results & Evaluation

From a business perspective we have more than 10xed our users whilst reducing the cost of sale by approx. 250% and grown the platform to manage media spend across a global footprint and, enabled the business to reduce its minimum spend thresholds by increasing profitability through automation.

More than just business results we feel that from a user perspective we’ve been able to deliver an app and brand that customers love, addressing a real user need at a price point and model that disrupts the market. We’ve enabled our users to access over 80+ recommendations for multiple advertising channels, providing both free and premium offerings and high user satisfaction, retention and app store reviews.

The Future

This is just the start and we're excited to bring more exciting features and developments, learning from our mistakes and our successes - if you'd like to follow the journey just leave us a comment or follow us on social and thanks to all our users in BETA for your support so far!


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