Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week With CampaignHero

With 742,400 UK apprentices in 2018/19, apprenticeships are proving to be a massive career-step for individuals aged sixteen and up. The programmes offer both a work and study environment for those wanting to ‘learn and earn’ on the job. With over 400 different types of apprenticeships to choose from, it’s possible to go into a lot of industries ranging from construction to beauty depending on what career path you want to take.

Here at CampaignHero, we have recently recruited from Nescot College, Eve Young our Digital Marketing Apprentice answered some frequently asked questions within the apprentice industry.

Q&A Eve Young - Digital Marketing Apprentice, CampaignHero

1. What made you choose the path of an apprenticeship rather than higher education such as university?

I chose an apprenticeship over University because I wanted to experience learning in a working environment rather than solely studying, working with people who are experienced in the field you are trying to learn and train in I find really benefits my abilities to learn and understand the industry in a better light. 

2. Did you know the industry you wanted to go into when applying for an apprenticeship?

Before starting an apprenticeship I was enrolled in a media college course, during the halfway point- I knew I wanted to go into a role within social media, I enjoyed working with technology, being creative and using social media, therefore, I decided to look at the marketing industry for apprenticeship roles. 

3. How did you apply for your apprenticeship? How easy was the process?

There are lots of different apprenticeships on apprentice websites like gov.uk and other platforms which is actually a very easy following process, requires basic details, CV upload and any education results. After applying for different roles within digital marketing industries, it was quite a quick from interview and the hiring process. 

4. How long is your apprenticeship? What do you hope to achieve by the end of it?

I am nearly at the end of my apprenticeship here at CampaignHero, upon completion I hope to be a fully qualified and knowledgeable digital marketing expert where I can take care of my own individual clients’ advertising accounts, and hopefully lead a team of my own one day whilst training my own apprentices. 

5. What are the benefits of an apprenticeship and yours in particular?

I think there are many benefits to an apprenticeship, you can both learn and work fulltime to get started in a particular career. In my own apprenticeship at CampaignHero, the benefits are getting to learn about a wide range of different job roles within the industry ranging from SEO and PPC, learning different skills to help you progress to a range of different marketing fields. 

6. What would you say are some negatives of an apprenticeship?

I wouldn’t say there are any negatives to an apprenticeship, the only challenge I feel is time management balancing both studies and work life, however, studies become easy as you are constantly learning new things every day within the office which makes coursework easier.

7. What would you say to someone considering an apprenticeship?

I would say ‘go for it’ as it is an amazing opportunity to get yourself into the field of full-time work where you learn along the way. Apprenticeships are a great way to learn something completely new whilst being surrounded by a group of professionals that are there 24/7 to help you along the way.

Q&A Oliver Seymour - Head of User Success and Apprentice Mentor, CampaignHero

1. How do you think having an apprentice has benefited the business?

Having an apprentice allows for staff to be trained effectively in the style of the company and to fit well within a role. Apprentices also allow a good opportunity for other members of the team to demonstrate soft management and training skills.

2. How do you think apprentices benefit more from a work environment rather than in higher education e.g. university?

Apprentices gain applicable, real-world experience that puts them years ahead of people who choose to go to university both in terms of professional experience but also personal skills. A lot of recruiters in today’s age are looking for experience over education due to the fast-moving industry of digital marketing. 

3. How do apprenticeships allow people to excel/pursue a career?

Apprenticeships foster a culture of independence and professionalism by allowing apprentices to learn the industry from a less pressured environment while allowing people to get their foot in the door, often in industries that rely heavily on prior experience.

4. What might a typical week be like for an apprentice within marketing?

A combination of development in the form of shadowing, courses and revision plus the application of practical, learned skills through carrying out real business tasks and projects, in marketing, this can range across many different duties ranging from Social Media to SEO (Search-engine-optimisation), no day tends to stay the same.

Apprenticeship courses offer a wide range of benefits to their participants, gaining experience in the working world, hands-on training and studies enabling to put skills into practice and gain more confidence within the working environment. A perfect way to earn and learn without hefty student loans and costs, whilst gaining a recognisable qualification.  

Not only apprentices benefit but also businesses and employers, In a survey commissioned by the government in 2017, 86% of employers reported benefiting from ‘the development of skills relevant to the organisation’ by hiring apprentices. Not only do apprenticeships help build diversity and company culture but also aid company retention, with 90% of apprentices staying on in their workplace after completing their course, as well as retaining fresh new talent minus the recruiter costs.  

If you are interested in applying for an apprenticeship, here are some useful resources for a range of courses and programmes: 



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