Microsoft Ads Promo Code To Get You Started In PPC Advertising 

We won’t make you read our whole blog post to find the Microsoft Promo code so here it is: 

MICROSOFTBOOST - Discover more about our Microsoft Promo Code.

Microsoft Ads, Bing Ads Promo Code

What is the offer? 

Simply sign up to any plan with CampaignHero and we’ll create and manage your Microsoft Ads completely free for one month PLUS provide you with £50 in free Microsoft ads credit to spend in your first month with us. 

Head over to our pricing page to find out what CampaignHero package suits your business.

How can I claim it?

Either schedule a call with our team to walk you through the Microsoft promo code and how you can get started. 


Use the code MICROSOFTBOOST when you sign up to the CampaignHero app.

Why use Microsoft Ads as part of your PPC strategy? 

Similar to how Google Advertising functions, Microsoft powers ads through its search engine showing paid results at the top of the search page and within the Microsoft Network. The benefit of Microsoft Advertising is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, there is no maintance or set-up fees, making every £ you have reach your high desired audience.

  • Connect with 444 million monthly searchers on Microsoft’s search engine. 
  • 20% of the UK population are searching using Microsoft on desktop devices. 
  • Lower CPCs and greater ROI than other PPC platforms.
  • Reach high-value audiences not reached on Google Ads.
  • Access searchers on Microsoft Search, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and other sites powered by Bing

What can CampaignHero offer your business and improve your PPC strategy?

CampaignHero is an app that helps small-and-medium-sized businesses optimise their marketing strategy through the form of PPC and social advertising. Combining both smart technology and our support team, we are able to provide businesses with a number of features to help build and improve campaigns across Google, Microsoft and Facebook Ads.

What features does the CampaignHero app offer?

  • 1-1 expert support from our marketing team, on hand, to help build your business and help with anything marketing related. 
  • Generated optimisations and improvement recommendations tailored to your ad accounts and their campaigns to increase ROI and conversions. 
  • Goal and mission setting 
  • Reporting and data tracking 
  • Exclusive access to ad spend vouchers and the latest BETAs from Google and Microsoft Ads. 
  • Access to the digital marketing academy, where you can learn or refresh your knowledge in marketing topics ranging from SEO and PPC. Including articles, videos and webinars for all learning types!
  • Video audits of your Google, Microsoft and Facebook ads accounts, produced by our success team.

We look forward to aiding your business grow through the Microsoft Ads platform!


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