Smart Campaigns from Google Ads are designed to make advertising your business easier than ever, in the video & steps below, you'll learn exactly how to set up your first Smart Campaign.

Follow the simple wizard or watch our video tutorial above to learn how to set up a Google Smart Campaign for the first time or, request one to be built for you by the CampaignHero team.

First, a quick bit of background on Google Ads - you’re probably already slightly familiar with Google but let’s just quickly refresh exactly how it works and what it means to you as a business.

Well, Google Ads allows you to get in front of potential customers, by letting you place your ads on the world's most popular search engine, it works on any device and you can target specific locations and searches.

Let’s spend 2 minutes looking at this refresher video from Google that can help summarise how google ads can help you grow your business and how it might look.

Ok great - now we’ve better understood the benefits of Google Advertising - we can move onto the newest solutions specifically designed for businesses like yours - Smart Campaigns - which use the latest technology to make Google Ads more effective and easier than ever.

To help us understand the benefits let’s run through another quick explainer video and see how smart campaigns work and what makes them so powerful

So let’s summarise those benefits quickly:

  • We’re able to create quick and easy ads.
  • Like other google solutions we only pay when someone clicks on our ads or calls.
  • We can attract customers to our website or map listing.

In addition to that:

  • Smart campaigns are simple, so they require less on-going management.
  • Your ads work on all the devices your potential customers use, like computers tablets or mobile devices.
  • And, you can keep an eye on results - viewing the effectiveness of your ads in a simple dashboard.

So next I want to take you step by step - through HOW to create a well built, smart campaign for your business, so you can start driving potential customers to your business.

Step By Step Smart Campaign Guide

Step 1 - Creating a Google Ads account

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 1

The first thing to do is to visit and press start now to create a new Google Ads account (if you don't already have one).

Step 2 - Auto direct to Smart Campaign set-up

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 2

Here you should automatically be directed to create a smart campaign and you’ll be prompted to start advertising in 3 steps - we’ll walk you through each one, what is means and how to complete it so press create advertising to start!

Step 3 - Choosing your objective

The first screen will show you your options for the objective your trying to complete - you’ll have a choice of three (calls, visits to your store or location or more website sales or leads).

Step 4

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 4

If you have a location like a physical store shop or restaurant and that’s the primary goal for you then you’ll want to choose this.

Step 5

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 5

If you really want to drive just phone calls and want to talk to customers before they book for example then choose “calls”.

Step 6

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 6

If you have a website and most of your business can be or is done online like purchasing online or filling out a form online then this is the option best suited for you.

By choosing the most relevant objective to your business, Google can automatically tailor how and where your ads are shown to be more effective for you.

In this case we’ll select “calls” and pick this goal to move to the next section.

Step 7 - Choosing the business you want to advertise

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 7

Step 8 - Click new business if you haven't set this up

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 8

In the next section we’ll choose which business we want to set up our ads for. As we’re creating a new campaign for a new business we’ll press “New Business”. For this tutorial, we’ll chose a B2B example, “Seymour Partners” an employment law specialist so we’ll enter the name and, input our website. In this case we already have an awesome “hero page” website built using the CampaignHero app.

Step 9 - (if you don't have a website, skip if not applicable)

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 9

Our Hero Page website already optimised for speed, conversions and looks great on multiple devices so we’ll use that here, however if you don’t have a website you can request one directly in the CampaignHero app or, we can set up a listing with Google using Google My Business, which you can learn more about in the webinars section of our website.

Step 10 - Audience location targeting

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 10

Next we’ll work on our audience, choosing where our customers are located, which might be a specific area like England, or perhaps a a radius around your business location, in this case we’re going to choose a radius as we’re really looking for customers who are located within 15 miles of my business location.

Step 11 - Checking your audience size

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 11

You’ll see over here in the right hand corner I can see the potential size of my audience at this stage and, keep an eye here as we continue setting up our campaign we’ll be able to see it change and get more targeted as we add different conditions and better select our ideal customer.

Step 12 - Selecting relevant product and service phrases

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 12

In the next stage of our targeting and audience we’ll select the type of terms or phrases that people type in when they are searching for a business like ours. Remember we’ll want to be specific here so we’re only showing ads to people who are looking for our particular product or service specifically so I’ll choose “employment lawyer” here.

We’ll see the potential audience size change, based on what I choose and, other recommendations which I may wish to choose from. In this case I’ll add immigration employment law and for example.

Step 13 - The creative section

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 13

Now, we’ll move on to the creative section - here we’ll choose what people will see when they see an ad for our business after searching on Google for our products and services. We’ve automatically got an example ad here which really helps, but we recommend adding in a few different variations so Google can show the most effective one and test different ad variations. Here we’ll fill in the details remembering to be:

  • Specific to our business.
  • Helpful to the user.
  • Highly relevant.
  • And convincing and compelling - showing our value proposition and a good call to action.

Step 14 - Preview your ad creative

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 14

Once we’ve written our ad - we can preview how it looks on different devices and across Google Search and other Google partner sites. We recommend adding at least 3 different variations and then progressing to the next step.

Step 15 - Adding your information

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 15

In this section - as we’re looking to drive phone calls, we’ll need to add the number that we want potential customers to call when clicking on our ad - Google will replace this with a unique tracking number so we can see exactly how many calls we’ve had from our ads, this is completely free and all calls will still come through straight to your business number. Next we’ll look at setting up our budget.

Step 16 - Setting your budget

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 16

Based on the choices we made earlier, Google will recommend a budget to meet our business goals, taking into account factors like competition, the area we want to cover and the type of products and services we sell. You’ll see in the top right the estimated audience has now been replace with estimated performance, showing how different budgets will affect how many people in that our audience will see our ads each month and, how many clicks that is likely to generate.

You can adjust your budget here to suit your needs, and review how your budget works, remember,

  1. You only pay when your ads are clicked or someone calls your business.
  2. The cost varies for each click but you wont’ spend more than your set monthly budget - keeping you in control.
  3. You can change this at any time based on performance in case you change your mind - it’s really flexible.

Once you’re happy and comfortable you can press next to review your whole campaign together.

Step 17 - Viewing your campaign summary

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 17

On this page you’ll see a summary of what we’ve built so far including:

  • You Goal.
  • The estimated performance based on your chosen budget.
  • The locations and areas your ads are targeted.
  • The ads you created.

Step 18 - You are live!

Google Ads Smart Campaign - Step 18

After this you’ll be redirected to the dashboard where your newly launched campaigns will start filling up with data over the next few days. Here you’ll be able to see all the activity like calls / clicks and costs, as well as the type of terms people typed into Google to trigger your ad, so you can refine and update over time!

We hope this walk-through into launching Google Ads Smart campaigns has been helpful and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop us at

Need More Help?

If you’re looking for assistance in getting online for the first time, building a new campaign or, looking for improvements and recommendations to your existing campaign you can speak to us today about how the CampaignHero team can help you deliver optimised marketing.

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  3. You can make a request in just a few minutes, we’ll take care of everything else to save you time.
  4. The team will help you with tracking so you can see the result and value of your ads setting up things like google analytics, call tracking or tracking form completions etc.
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