Learn how and why you should be getting a Bing ads certification and the benefits for your personal and professional development.

If you’re a marketing professional that wants to take the next step up the ladder in terms of personal development, then getting a Bing ads certification is a step in the right direction. 

Now of course we use the term ‘Bing’ loosely, if you weren’t aware, two years ago Bing Ads was rebranded to Microsoft Ads. So let’s get amongst it, and talk about how you can become a Bing, sorry, no, a Microsoft Ads certified expert.

What is the Microsoft Ads certification?

The Microsoft ads certification (previously known as being Bing certified) is for marketing or business professionals that want to strengthen their skillset on the Microsoft ads platform, the course is free for you to complete at your own pace, so you can save it and come back to where you left off previously. Once you have learned and mastered the courses, the platform will then take you onto the certification exam where you have to pass with a score of over 80% to receive your certification benefits.

What are the benefits of getting certified on Microsoft Ads?

Taking the Microsoft ads certification allows you to understand the advertising platform in-depth to help you maximise budget and results when running ads on the Microsoft network. 

  • Increase Microsoft advertising proficiency.
  • Learn best practices to optimise your own ad campaigns.
  • Make use of member benefits on Microsoft.
  • Maximise your reporting and tools knowledge.
  • Zero cost for completing the certification.

After you complete your Microsoft Ads certification

After you have (fingers crossed) successfully passed the course and the exam you will now be Bing ads certified! Congratulations! With your new-found achievement you can now: 

  • Get access to use a certified professional badge to share amongst others and add to your own development portfolio. 
  • Placement in the Microsoft membership directory. 
  • Receive an official printable certification certificate.

Where can I access the certification?

If this sounds like an exciting prospect for you, then you can use the links below to get set-up with a few personal details, prepare a pen and notepad and get ready to learn all things Microsoft. 

Get started learning the certification courses.

As a Microsoft advertising certified professional myself, I can tell you that the course is enriched with heavy learnings which I have taken to develop our own business PPC strategy on Microsoft ads as well as an extra bonus for my own personal development. Overall, the course took me three days to complete, but 100% worthwhile investing the time to grow your knowledge base in the Microsoft world. 

Give it a try and let us know how you get on! 

With your new Microsoft knowledge, if you want to get started advertising on the platform, or if you are already doing so, check out our Microsoft Vouchers we are currently offering to businesses where you can receive £50 free in advertising credit when you sign up with one of our premium packages.


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