New to GA4: User Lifetime Value Reports

Google Analytics 4 (otherwise known as GA4) is the latest tool in the analytical box. This new update unlocks the ability to dive into new metrics and help understand the journey of your customers. A report we will take a look at briefly here is the User Lifetime Value report, which demonstrates how users typically behave on your website/app in immediate or extended intervals. 

What is a User Lifetime Report?📊 

This particular report within Google Analytics 4 demonstrates how site or app users have behaved during their lifetime as a consumer. The User Lifetime Report will help you discover specific insights such as: 

  • Active campaigns that are acquiring users that are expected to be more valuable. Showing both lower churn probability and higher purchase predictability (calculated by GA4).
  • Unique user behaviours, e.g. when monthly active users last purchased a product, or when they last engaged with their shopping cart. 
  • The source, medium and campaign that drove users with the highest lifetime revenue. 

Do bear in mind, that Lifetime reporting data is available for users who have been active on your website or app after August 2020.

Where you can locate the report? 

Access your GA4 Account > Explore > “Analysis Hub” and select “User Lifetime”

It should look like this: 

Google Analytics 4 LifeTime User Value Report interface and dashboard

Why is the Google Analytics 4 Lifetime Value report useful?

You can see the following information for each user on your website or app:

  • Initial Interactions - For example, first visit or purchase, or campaign that acquired user.

  • Most recent interactions - Last time the user interacted on your website/app.

  • Lifetime interactions - Data aggregated over time for the user.

  • Predictive metrics - Including purchase, in-app purchase and churn probabilities.


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