New to GA4: Funnel Exploration reports

What is a Google Analytics 4 Funnel Exploration report?

Funnel Reports are used to visualise the flow of users on a site and to see how many continue to the next step (towards checkout). 

It shows the number of people/traffic that take each step on your website and how many continue through so that you can start to understand which elements of your site to improve. The bars show the number of people in each step, with the number of people leaving underneath the red arrows. 

The steps can be created by using links or by using custom events made by the site or GA4. This allows you to control what the ‘flow’ of users is, but typically the GA4 events are most logical.

Where can you locate this report?

This report can be found in GA4 > Explore > Funnel Exploration

When creating the report you have the option to categorise the traffic using the variables column (far left).

These segments can be dropped into the segment comparisons so that you only see specific categories of data (like paid traffic). 

Google Analytics 4 Event tracking in Funnel exploration report

Underneath the graphs, the table provides a more detailed breakdown of the devices used at each step, completion rate and even the average amount of time spent on each step. The breakdown can be controlled using the different dimensions (left in green) like gender, country, device. 

Google Analytics 4 - funnel exploration report interface and dashboard

Why is Funnel Exploration useful?

It's very useful at seeing where people leave their interaction with the site and what information we have about the people who leave (time, gender, age, device) which can be used to optimise the site so that they stay longer and take the desired actions.


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