The Guide To Getting The Best Google Ads Support For Your Account

The first question is: What support are you looking for in your account?

I guess the first question you want to ask yourself is, can I fix this myself with a little research? 99% of the time the answer to that question is yes, which is why we’ve put some helpful articles and resources at the bottom of this page which may be relevant to the problem you are facing. But if you are needing that extra bit of technical or optimisation support, then take a look below at how you can get in touch with the Google Ads support or simply by using our cost-efficient support here at CampaignHero.

Where to get in touch with the Google Ads experts 

Google Ads UK support number and ticket line  

If you're just getting started on Google Ads, and are looking for help with your first campaign, then use this direct dial to reach someone at Google for assistance:


Open 9AM-6PM Monday-Friday

If you already have an ads account, use the link here to get through the relevant person on the Google team: 

Or simply check out the Google Ads FAQs and community board: 

CampaignHero Google Ads support 

At CampaignHero, optimising and improving Google Ads is our bread and butter. Our technology and support team is specially designed for SMBs who are looking for that extra Google Advertising help. Here’s exactly how we can help with your account:

  • Google ads campaign set-up and management. 
  • Google ads support and training resources including articles, blogs, videos and webinars with Google themselves. 
  • AI generated & personalised campaign improvements and optimisations provided for your campaigns and ads.
  • Chat support with our very own Google Ads experts here at CampaignHero (all Google certified of course!). 
  • Access to Google’s BETAs and ad spend vouchers to use.
  • Not limited to Google Ads! Also have all of these features for your Microsoft and Facebook ads.

Here at CampaignHero, we have numerous flexible plans available for businesses at any stage of their Google Ads growth, whether just starting out, are intermediate or experienced. From £25 a month we can offer you all of our features, head over to our pricing plans to find out more about the packages we have up for grabs, or book a demo with our team of specialists here to receive an audit of your account and receive a 30 day trial to the CampaignHero platform. 

Where else can I get Google Ads help?

Google Ads Tools

  • Google Ads Keyword Planner
  • Google Ads Performance Planner
  • Google Ads Audience Insights
  • Google Ads Reach Planner
  • Google Ads Editor

Helpful Resources 


Conversion Tracking With Google 

Google Smart Shopping Campaigns Walkthrough 

Blog posts

How does Google Ads work?

What is PPC marketing? 

Should I use Google Smart campaigns or regular campaigns?

How to use Google smart campaigns

How to use the Google Ads performance planner

5 tools and features in Google Ads to better your strategy 

What is your quality score, and how can you improve it?

How to use Google Shopping ads

Quick guides 

How to set up tracking for your ecommerce website

What is the Google Ads Search Network?

Help with your Google Ads audiences

Different bid strategies in Google Ads explained

Different keyword match types explained

Adding negative keywords to your ad groups

How to add sitelinks to your ads

Understanding location bid adjustments

You can also access more of these quick and useful guides through the CampaignHero app, sign up and select your plan to start growing your knowledge in the Google Ads space.


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