Facebook website call extensions make it easier to track call events from Facebook ads and help you drive more phone calls from your ads.

Facebook has recently introduced the ability to encourage, and track, calls that happen on your website as a result of a visit from an ad.

The website call extension is a new feature designed to help advertisers who might often drive leads from phone calls whilst providing them with clear visibility on which ads are driving these actions - you can see an example of how the extension appears below.

Facebook ads website call extensions example

How call extensions work

People visit your ad and land on your website.

Your number is shown at the bottom of the screen.

They can tap it to call you directly from there.

How to enable Facebook website call extensions

Facebook call extensions can be found at the ad-level in your ads manager, simply by enabling the checkbox and providing the appropriate number that you want to track and display.

Facebook ads website call extensions example

Who can benefit from Facebook website call extensions?

We've already highlighted how businesses that offer custom quotes or managed services may benefit from these new extensions. The call extension may also help local businesses with an advantage where customers and potential customers may be more comfortable with a quick call to find more information. For example, finding out about opening times, or requesting more details on service.

The move may also benefit "instant" services such as locksmiths or plumbers providing potential customers with a quick way of getting in touch that skips and form fills or call-backs.

The new extension also provides interesting options for retailers looking to provide more bespoke services, tailor experience to high-value customer segments or, provide an extra layer of support at peak times.

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