As a performance marketing channel - search engine marketing gets huge credit for being incredibly transparent, controllable and rapid, but is that all there is?

Over time, many search marketing professionals have a tendency to focus on reports, bids, automation - all highly valuable things but, in training ourselves to think this way do we teach ourselves to forget that there is a user at the end? Secretly thinking, wouldn't all this advertising business be easier if we could just forget about the human element!

One of the most common examples of "user fatigue" that we see here at CampaignHero is the assumption that switching on (a really cool) feature like ad-rotation, which lets you optimize your ads based on performance, means that your job is done,'s just beginning.

We'll work on the assumption that before switching on ad-rotation, you've observed a few golden rules like having at least 3 ads in each of your ad-groups and using best practices to create those ads like making sure you have a clear call-to-action, and a good value proposition demonstrated in your highly relevant headline.

However, what we need to do, is have in place a good strategy to review our assumptions on performance when we see performance start to dip. This applies to basic automation as well as more advanced machine learning.

For example, with some basic automation in place, we can implement 3 best practice ads, and set up our campaign to rotate the best-performing ad based on conversions (we love conversions here at CampaignHero!) however, in these ads we might be mentioning a seasonal product, a short or medium-term offer. This means we need to prompt ourselves to check back in on the performance, review the ads and update and iterate based on what is working and what isn't.

What we typically see is an ad rising to the top because it is "the least bad" ad of the three, rather than a long term strategy over several months to find the best ad variation of 100.

Using tools like CampaignHero we can make the process easy by being regularly prompted by data to visit our campaign and add new creatives based on performance data. This, in conjunction with using automated ad suggestions from Google, gives us a robust strategy for finding better ads for our users and putting them back in control rather than only considering ourselves as marketers.

We're constantly looking for new and improved ways to bring you improved recommendations, particularly around your creatives and ad-copy so please, reach out to us any time to see how we can help you improve your performance marketing strategy and see how putting users first can improve your performance.


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