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Improving your video ads can seem difficult if you lack knowledge, budget and creativity. Over 81% of businesses are using videos as part of their marketing strategy, and is predicted to be the most effective form of content by the end of the year, yet we still see businesses refuse to utilise video as part of their brand.

Video advertising takes the form of informative, emotive and educational, using psychological triggers to connect with audiences. The use of video generates brand awareness and consideration which in turn can drive sales, in fact, 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by the way of video, making this form of content more essential than ever.

‍One of my personal favourite video ad campaigns was from Android, success of the 2015 campaign resulted in over 6.4 million shares across the web, (I've blessed you with the video below).

Let’s get onto improving your own video ads, excluding increasing budgets or anything relating to bid management for all of your newbies and small businesses. Here we have nine tips for your video advertising...

‍Tip 1: Getting to know your audience

Knowing your audience should be an obvious one, but if it isn’t, we don’t mean to cause offence.

Creating a video ad without knowing your audience in a granular detail is pointless, a waste of time and money. Drilling down on your audience is a key component to tailoring your video content, who they are helps you decide what type of video they will best respond to, like we said before, informative, emotive or educational.

Consider aspects such as:

  • Demographics: location, age, gender, language. 
  • Behaviours: channels mostly used, jobs, life events, purchasing behaviour online. 
  • Interests: Particular magazines? Websites? Sports? Get to know them like they are your friend.
  • Needs & desires: Are they in the market for purchasing? Have they saved your posts for the future?

Once you’ve drilled down on the majority of patterns your audience displayed, it is then a great idea to create a buyer persona for a person you would typically find within your audience. HubSpot has a great buyer persona template that you can download and use for your own brand, find it here

Remember, video relevance for your target market is paramount for success.


Tip 2: Brand your videos consistently

Branding your videos will help your target marketing identify your business in future. This can be by:

  • Adding brand colours. 
  • Adding your logo.
  • Adding regularly used fonts.

"Video can help your business reach new audiences and attract new viewers to your social media pages and website, which is likely why "increase brand awareness" is the number one reason brands use video".

Tip 3: Capture attention quickly

You only have 8 seconds to capture the attention of your viewers, so it’s important that your first scene is powerful and locks the interest of your target market. Do this by adding music, adding relevant content, adding something that they can’t take their eyes off.

It’s demonstrated that almost every viewer tunes out of a video after 2 minutes, so it’s best to keep video lengths shorter and keep captivating in order to increase retention to your content.

Tip 4: Don’t be boring, tell a story!

One piece of advice we try to give businesses is not to be too product focused in all of your videos, of course there are certain verticals that you have to be product focused, so try and find a way to make them interesting and implement them into a story.

Try out some of these video styles, even if you don’t want to use them as part of your video advertising strategy but as organic content throughout your social channels: 

  • Tutorials and how-tos using your products. 
  • Case studies and success videos. 
  • Demonstrating expertise. 
  • An inspirational company story. 
  • Behind the scenes. 

Tip 5: Make it mobile friendly

75% of video views are on mobile devices, so when rendering your video ensure it is high quality and has suitable mobile dimensions to display across different networks. If you choose not to mobile optimise your video ads it’s likely that you will increase your costs, will have a higher bounce rate and overall engagement will drop. 

Tip 6: Use social proof

The use of social proof throughout your video ads can play a big part to your audience's perception of you. Those who have seen your product and/or service before and are aware of your brand might need a little push to get them through that marketing funnel.

You can use video ads to remarket to the top-mid funnel by using elements such as customer testimonials, case studies, your rating on Trustpilot etc. Create brand trust and demonstrate authenticity within your target market.

Tip 7: Include a CTA 

Incorporating a clear call-to-action (CTA) either at the beginning or the end of your video ads encourages viewers to take further action, whether it’s to visit your website or to convert. Here are some CTA ideas you can use: 

  • Redirect with a URL link to your website. 
  • Offer a discount code or free trial. 
  • Demonstrate where they can find you on social media.

Tip 8: Add subtitles 

92% of people watch videos without sound on their mobile devices, so another success tip for your video ads is to add subtitles if applicable, this will encourage more video views, longer viewings and a lower bounce rate. 

Tip 9: Monitor and analyse performance 

Analysing your performance and data is the key to your video ad campaigns success. These learnings can help you adapt future video ads that resonate better with your audience, some key metrics to keep an eye on are: 

  • Average watch time. 
  • Bounce rate.
  • Number of views. ‍‍
  • Engagement rate and/or click through rate.

A lot of marketeers and businesses want to commit to video advertising but unfortunately don’t have the time, resources or budget to create them, but even the shortest video with minimal creativity can spark a huge interest within your audience.

We strongly recommend you look at adding video advertising to your marketing strategy going forward, if you need some extra support, sign up to the CampaignHero app and reach out to our team.

Looking for some more inspiration? Take a watch of these top 10 video ads of 2020.


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