Have a YouTube channel that you're dying to grow? Try some of our top tips for successful growth and increase engagement

Back in 2005 we were blessed with our beloved video platform YouTube, now more than 15 years on, video content now accounts for 80% of all consumer internet traffic and the volume of mobile video consumption increases 100% every year. Allowing creators to interact and build relationships with viewers across the globe.

How to better your video content on your YouTube channel

1. Know and clearly define your audience

Before you start creating your content, it's good to know who your core audience is. Learn things like their interests, languages, devices they use to watch videos and their challenges/needs. Knowing your audience like the back of your hand can help you understand how to tailor your content, making videos that appeal most to your target market and addressing their needs and wants.

2. Make your video topic clear

There is nothing worse than watching a video and the person not knowing what they are talking or having a messy structure, demonstrate your knowledge and experience, setting out your topic straight away in your introduction or title. This gives people the confidence in what they are about to watch and keeps them engaged - similar to a blog post!

3. Include a call-to-action

By including a call-to-action in your video it allows your audience to remain engaged with the content instead of bouncing off. Try and include a question in your video that they can answer in the comments, or include a link to your website, other social media channels or suggest another related video, make them binge watch your content for 3 hours straight.

How to increase your YouTube Subscribers

1. Quality and value in your videos

With so many videos and competition on the YouTube site, don't just post videos for the sake of posting them. Ensure you are posting good quality and value content for you audience to keep engaged and subscribe to your channel, if that means posting one video a week instead of two then so be it, success is in quality not quantity.

2. Subscribe to other YouTube channels

By subscribing to other channels allows you to reach out to a wider audience, its basically like free advertising because if someone is already subscribed to their favourite YouTuber, and they see that one of your videos is something they are interested in, then they are going to click on your video and give you a shot!

 3. Let viewers know what the next video is about

Let your viewers know what the next video is about by giving a little information about what is coming next, this will encourage viewers and keep them engaged, hopefully also increasing your chances of being subscribed to.

Engage with your audience at the end of your video and ask them what they want to see next time, tell them to drop a suggestion in the comments section. This helps you keep viewers engaged as well as provide that quality and value we talked about in point 1!

4. Thank your channel subscribers

Thank your subscribers, it can be as easy as going onto their channel and leaving a comment or liking one of their videos. Depending on your popularity, you can also do shoutouts, mention people when they comment or engage with your channel, make your audience feel apart of your process and build that relationship.

Even though very basic, these can be very effective implementations for your YouTube channel and content, if you've just started out- try these small steps to strive to that bigger picture. If you're looking to advance into video advertising, why not try these 11 top tips for your video ads.


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