On the lookout for some advertising inspiration? Take a look at our 6 favourite and best digital marketing campaigns from the past few years. 

1.) Virgin Media - ‘Faster Brings Us Closer’ Campaign

Virgin Media Logo

What do we love?

The #FasterCloser campaign from Virgin Media Broadband is one of our recent favourites, with a focus on storytelling and hitting an emotional cord with their audience. Virgin Media understands the important role it plays in bringing people together and connecting them with the things they love. The Faster Brings Us Closer campaign is present across several mediums including both TV and social media.

Virgin Media Instagram #FasterCloser

What can we learn from this digital marketing campaign?

The art of storytelling.

Storytelling is a powerful tool to use in marketing campaigns. It build a personal touch with your audience and enables them to connect and relate to your brand at a deeper level.

2.) Dove - ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ Campaign

Dove Logo

What do we love?

The skincare brand Dove created a high-impact video campaign which focused on body positivity and self-esteem. 

The idea of the campaign was to shoot a video piece where it relates to natural beauty and confidence within women. We love that the brand generated a strong sense of female empowerment as well as drove a high surge of online engagement with well over 114 million views.

What can we learn from this digital marketing campaign?

Focusing on your target audience is key. 

Dove have perfectly managed to capture the majority of their audience which is primarily women, in which they have done by using emotive themes and common societal issues.

3.) GoPro - ‘Awards’ Campaign 

GoPro Logo

What do we love?

GoPro is famous for its unique point of view style action footage, all taken from their small camera lens. GoPro’s content campaigns are always on-going and are consistent through their online channels. The Awards campaign was based on a competition hashtag encouraging users to upload their BEST video content.  

The GoPro brand has a huge advantage in that they don’t need a huge budget to create content, as it's all generated by both their customers and product. Over 6,000 GoPro videos are uploaded through social media every day, generating both brand awareness and ongoing engagement. 

What can we learn from this digital marketing campaign?

Make use of user-generated content. 

You don’t always need such a huge budget for your marketing campaigns, making use of content from your own audience is an engagement golden nugget in itself!

Customer images, posts and videos are a powerful method of content which can be shared endlessly in the online space. Create your own branded hashtags, and even run a competition to help generate brand awareness in your target audience space. 

4.) Heineken - ‘Worlds Apart’ Campaign

Heineken Logo

What do we love?

The alcohol brand Heineken chose a different approach to their online campaign #openyourworld. The brand used political conflicts that were trending at the time where individuals participated in a social experiment to discuss issues within communities such as Feminism, Global Warming and Transgenderism (whilst drinking a Heineken of course!). 

The video struck the internet, receiving over 17.7 million views, 138,000 shares, 324,000+ engagement across Facebook and appeared in 625+ online magazines.

What can we learn from this digital marketing campaign?

Focus on issues within society. 

Getting a psychological and emotional response from an audience seems to be the most effective marketing strategy brands grasp, using trending and important issues to aid emotional connections with campaigns. 

5.) Tesco - ‘Food Love Dedications’ Campaign

Tesco Logo

What do we love?

Another big brand that has tailored their marketing campaigns around the coronavirus pandemic is Tesco. As we remained at home during a national lockdown, Tesco wanted to highlight the focus on still enjoying food virtually with our loved ones despite not being together. We understand not every business can launch campaigns to this scale, but we love that the brand always looks to keep campaigns current and relevant, reflecting on real-life events and issues.

What can we learn from this digital marketing campaign?

Keeping campaigns current and relevant. 

You may not be able to respond as quickly, or have as big of a budget for this type of campaign production. But creating social, advertising and/or video campaigns it is important to make sure the content is relevant to your target audience in order to keep them engaged.

6.) Apple - ‘Creativity Goes On’ Campaign

Apple Logo

What do we love?

We love the fast turn around and response time that the brand took to create this brilliant digital video campaign. Similar to the Tesco campaign, Apple responded with a fresh piece reflecting the COVID-19 crisis, hitting both emotional cords and the story telling mark. 

What can we learn from this digital marketing campaign?

Minimalist content can work very well.

This campaign from Apple is just a selection of various images and video snippets put together with some soft, touching music, simple right? But effective. 

Similar to every other digital marketing campaign we’ve discussed above, the power of a successful campaign is in relevancy, storytelling and gaining an emotional response. 

Before planning your businesses digital campaigns, the first question you want to ask yourself is ‘what do I want my business to achieve’, do you want to generate brand awareness by creating a content piece that is wildly engaging and sharable, do you want to generate a sense of brand loyalty by using user-generated content as a focus point? Consider this as your starting point, and allow your creativity to take you further.


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