Looking to strengthen your B2B pitching? Here are 5 ways to create a perfect sales pitch.

You will undoubtedly look to angle feature X or benefit Y in your elevator pitch but the truth is the perfect pitch does not exist.

Let’s break down the features of what a good sales pitch should encompass. You should be able to explain your product or service, take in the problem your client is facing and explain how your product or service will help them eliminate that problem.

1. Start with a bang

One study tried to figure out how to increase room service tips for waiters in hotels, they found a super easy thing waiters could do to increase their tips, all they had to do was start with a positive comment. When waiters opened the door they said “good morning” and gave a positive weather forecast for the day, that one positive comment helped increase their tips by 27%!

I always tend research my prospects beforehand, this is my bang, take a look at their website to identify what it is their business does and start your pitch by letting customers know what it is they do, this shows that your time is value for them and paves the way for a good conversation.

2. Don't self-sabotage

The biggest mistake you can make is to speak ill of a competitor, research has found something called spontaneous trait transference. They found that when people say bad things about someone else they can’t help but place those same assumptions with you. Instead look to uncover previous history with discovery questions, empathise and angle in your benefit to pain point X.

3. Use awesome labels

When you assign a positive label, like having high intelligence or being a good person, that actually cues them up to live up to that label. I sure do like to tell directly enquired leads how amazing they are for finding CampaignHero, and that’s because I am genuinely and completely amazed by the dedication of the individual who is looking to grow their business and their life.

4. Set the agenda and stay in control

It’s important to realise that you need to control the call, you may like to set an agenda either before the call or right near the beginning, today we are going to talk about XYZ and then answer any questions you might have. How does that sound to you?

5. Let the passion out

One thing to focus on is to allow your passion and excitement show in your pitch, I get really excited when I am able to verbally speak numbers on investment return, mainly because customers really get excited to hear these too! The pay off is right at the end when you hear a firm yes. Everyone has their own making of having the “spice flow” shall we say, when I communicate a benefit I do so with inflexion, it adds passion and lets you come across as articulate.

I started my career in the storage game, essentially selling empty space to people. Our trainers taught us to identify the needs of our customers in a script and then apply our service to that need, silver bullet selling, you are going to tell me your need and I am going to shoot you with it. In any case, my sales only really improved when I injected my personality into that script, rather than pitching have a conversation, instead of adding a number to your sales add a partner.

The road to the perfect script is long and dangerous with many trials and errors, you will almost certainly be looking to adapt it based on the client, season, data and economic climate.

Good luck!


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