We looked across the web and combined our own data with feedback from our expert team to help you understand the key digital marketing trends for SMBs from Diwali 2019.  

Black Friday is coming up fast - and while there’s no shortage of “expert” advice and analysis for your festive campaigns in the west - our global customers have already recently been prepped and accelerating their marketing for other festive occasions - Diwali for example, the Hindu festival of lights is not only a fantastic celebration but it’s also the biggest shopping season for many Indian households. With consistently high growth rates, large retailers are expecting to achieve up to 40% growth in sales vs previous years. 

In this article we’ll take a look at the 5 Diwali Digital Marketing Stats based on data from 1000’s of users, industry insights and expert analysis.

If you’re interested in making your PPC campaigns work better during Diwali, or learning how to maximise your Google Ads or Facebook Ads spend this festive season then we hope a few of our insights can help.

1. Investment continues to grow

The 2019 Diwali festive season had more than 25% of media budgets allocated to it despite an overall economic slowdown and weaker domestic growth in India. Although big name advertisers such as Amazon & FlipKart are leading the way here  we also saw small and medium businesses increase digital marketing spends with an average increase of 82% vs 2018, this investment peaked relatively early in the month on the first Saturday in October with the 27th itself seeing a slight drop in investment as consumer search volumes dropped.

2. Sustained demand & increased basket values during Diwali

Despite the slight drop in investment the Diwali weekend saw some of the biggest conversion rate increases for SMEs with conversion rates increasing 114% to over 10% on the holiday weekend vs the previous week, demonstrating sustained consumer appetite to purchase even at the last minute and beyond. This was reflected in the wider market with reported increases in average billings across a range of sectors.

3. Brand expectations

Along with the increase in spending from large brands we also saw increased customer expectations with growth in search for brand + voucher / sale / discount gaining ground during the holiday period. 

Snapdeal for example saw a huge increase 3000% increase in brand + sale search volume in October with “Snapdeal Diwali sale 2019” listed as a breakout term for India in Google Trends.

Ensuring good brand coverage across your paid ads can allow you to provide potential customers with the experience they expect, beat the competition and capitalize on incremental traffic from customers with high expectations.

4. Outside retail

Many articles and even our own analysis focus heavily on the retail sector, however our own data and additional reports it’s important to remember that Diwali has been seen a boom for many other sectors such as lead generation, hospitality and even automotive. Throughout the holiday season and including Navaratri saw increases in sales for automotive retailers with the first 10 days October seeing increased interest online.

5. Display & visibility still important

Display also saw a huge step forwards in adoption for SMBs with an average increase in display traffic up 72% vs 2018 numbers. However, as big brands such as Amazon continue to step forward investment and undercut competitors on price the squeeze is felt by smaller players, meaning that performance marketing still remains paramount to SMB advertisers in India. 

Being ready for any season

Supporting our SMB customers globally throughout the year is a key mission for us at CampaignHero, for any advice, insights or questions on running your digital marketing better or, translating the latest insights from around the world into actionable digital marketing improvements for your business to drive growth, just reach out to us on social or via the CampaignHero app.


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