With online research combined with our own data and feedback from the CampaignHero team, we aim to provide Diwali marketing insights for SMBs for Diwali 2021 whilst exploring statistics from the last few years.  

The festive season is upon us, and whilst there is no shortage of expert advice and insights for your seasonal campaigns, our global users we work with have already been preparing and ramping up their Q4 marketing strategy ahead of the Diwali 2021 celebration. 

The Hindu festival of lights is not only a fantastic celebration but is also the biggest shopping season for many Indian households. With consistently high growth rates, large retailers are expecting to achieve up to 40% growth in sales vs previous years

In this post we will take a look through some key digital marketing statistics and takeaways based on our database of thousands of businesses, existing industry insights and our expert analysis. 

Insight 1: Investment continues to grow

In the Diwali 2019 festive season more than 25% of businesses placed a paid media budget, “The anticipation is that there will be around 8-12% growth during the entire festive season,” said Ashish Bhasin. 

It’s demonstrated that people who celebrate Diwali are willing to spend, but likely to spend more if purchasing online. Although big name advertisers such as Amazon and FlipKart are leading the way, we also saw an increase in digital marketing spend with an average increase of 82% since 2018, this spend usually peaks near the start of October and continues throughout the Diwali celebration.

Insight 2: Sustained demand & increased basket values

Diwali Search Trends From Google Trends Over the Past 5 Years From 2021
Diwali Search Interest On Google In The Last 5 Years

There is a year-on-year increase in interest for the Diwali festivities displayed in Google Trends, demonstrating sustained consumer appetite to purchase the best deals during the season. This was reflected in the wider market with reported increases in average billings across a range of sectors.

Insight 3: Brand expectations

Along with the increase in spending from large brands we also saw increased customer expectations with growth in search for brand and voucher / sale / discount gaining ground during the holiday period. 

Snapdeal for example saw a huge increase 3000% increase in brand and sale search volume in October with “Snapdeal Diwali sale” listed as a breakout term for India in Google Trends.

Ensuring good brand coverage across your paid ads can allow you to provide potential customers with the experience they expect, beat the competition and capitalize on incremental traffic from customers with high expectations.

Insight 4:Outside the retail and eCommerce sector

Many online articles and even our own analysis focuses heavily on the retail and eCommerce sector, however our own data and additional reports display the importance of Diwali in other verticals such as hospitality and even in automotive. Through the Diwali season, Navaratri saw increases in sales for automotive retailers within the first 10 days in October 2019, seeing increased interest online.

Insight 5: Display and visibility is a proven importance 

Pay-per-click display campaigns have also seen a huge step forwards in adoption for SMBs with an average increase in display traffic up 72% compared to 2018. However, as big brands such as Amazon continue to step up their investment and undercut competitors on price, the squeeze in budget is felt a lot more by the smaller players (don’t worry we got you! Skip to the end if you want to know more). 

Supporting small-and-medium sized businesses globally is our key mission here at CampaignHero, we pride ourselves in growing businesses online through the form of digital advertising. 

If you would like help planning and executing your PPC and social campaigns for Diwali 2021 book a free strategy meeting with us, or head over to the CampaignHero app to get yourself signed up. 

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