On the lookout for some advertising inspiration? Take a look at our 5 favourite digital marketing campaigns from over the last few years.

In all digital marketing campaigns, the first step is always 'what do we want to achieve?' Online campaigns make it even easier to drive brand’s desired goals, including brand awareness, generating conversions, increasing engagement and stimulating brand loyalty. 

Put together below are some of the biggest and best digital marketing campaigns to ever hit the internet (so far..)

1.) GoPro - 'Awards'

GoPro is famous for its amazing point-of-view style action footage, all taken from a small camera lens. GoPro’s content marketing campaigns are always active and on-going through different digital channels, if you look on their YouTube channel you’ll notice they are all videos from their loyal users.

Around 6,000 videos are uploaded each day using the GoPro camera, through social media channels and their website, encouraging engagement and shareable content.  Without the need of a huge marketing budget, the easy use of a '#' made their job all more simple by getting all their content and materials from their own users all over the world. 

The continuous digital campaign has dominated the use of video to spread the word about the GoPro product line, encouraging brand loyalty and more engaged users which was the brand's campaign goal. 

Check out the video below, which GoPro republished, awarding the video's original shooter with being one of the best videos in its category. 

What can marketers learn from this?

You don’t always need such a huge budget for your marketing campaigns, you can use content from your audience and optimise for user engagement. Video is also such a popular method of content use, using video can enable you to connect with anyone around the world no matter what language or country- videos can be endlessly shared and viewed increasing your brand awareness whenever and wherever. 

2.) ASOS - '#AsSeenOnMe'

ASOS is one of the biggest online fashion brands, offering a wide range of collections and payment methods to reach nearly every target market. They started a #AsSeenOnMe campaign on Instagram that encouraged users to post images of themselves wearing ASOS brand outfits. Not only did it show off different products through the channel but its also an excellent way of encouraging user-generated content. 

Like the GoPro campaign above, ASOS really optimised the idea of user-generated content, using it to put into a section of the website and also republishing them through their own Instagram whilst tagging the products in the post. What’s better is that this is at no cost and real effort to the ASOS brand, allowing more budget for other paid campaign strategies. 

#AsSeenOnMe ASOS

What can marketers learn from this?

Similarly to GoPro, always focus on user-generated content if you can, it creates this image of brand loyalty that makes people want to join and follow the ‘trend’. If you don’t have the budget and resources look at optimising a strategy that involves your customers, forging strong relationships and building a community will really promote your brand organically. Jump on board with the use of hashtags, perhaps create your own brand hashtag to get people to engage with and post in. 

3.) Dove - 'Real Beauty Sketches'

The beauty brand Dove created one of the biggest viral video campaigns, it brought a massive impact on every competitor brand looking for engagement. 

The idea for the campaign was to shoot a video where an artist will draw a picture of a woman describing herself without seeing and then a stranger describing the same woman. It created a campaign relating to natural beauty and confidence in women with really strong female empowerment. The results for this campaign were astonishing with a huge amount of engagement with well over 114 millions of views of the video. 

What can marketers learn from this?

The best way to connect with an audience is emotively, if you notice throughout a lot of adverts in modern days, companies are using the human connection to make their brand connect with an audience. Modern-day online campaigns usually revolve around trending topics of society e.g. Politics, Social, Animals and Environmental factors, perhaps try and implement some of those elements into your own campaigns. 

4.) Airbnb - 'We Are Here'

Airbnb begun its social media campaign by streaming 6 films live on Facebook to promote the release of its new app. The films were shot through helmet cams in 6 cities, on 5 continents over the course of 24 hours, the films consisted of individuals as they were going through their own Airbnb experience. Viewers could watch, comment and feel like they were there as they were so lifelike. Below is one of the films located in Paris: 

What can marketers learn from this?

Live stream on Facebook’s platform is high-ranked by its algorithm and becoming more and more popular, live videos are 3x more likely to be engaged with and more likely to be on the top of a person’s page, think about where you could implement some live videos through your strategy. 

5.) Heineken - 'Worlds Apart' 

Heineken chose a different approach for their #openyourworld campaign, instead of focusing on a single person, the brand used political conflicts that were trending in the news to bring people from different lives together via a social experiment. First individuals state their point of view on recurring items in the news including feminism, transgenderism and global warming. Those with opposing views were paired together and had to complete a number of tasks. It was not until they finished that they were shown the interviews given by their opposite. After working together and watching the interviews, the pairs were told they could stay and discuss differences over a beer (Heineken of course!), or they could leave. 

The video struck the internet, with it receiving more than 17.7 millions views, 138,000 shares, 324,000 engagements on Facebook. Heineken received tons of publicity and appeared in over 625 magazine articles with their idea.  

What can marketers learn from this?

Storytelling, in order to get an emotional response seems to be the most popular strategy in digital marketing at the moment, using popular topics into today’s society, seems to aid people to connect with campaigns.

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