Mobile marketing reached new peaks of growth in 2019, a continuing upward trend since the first smartphone of 2007.

As more and more folks around the world get connected, mobile marketing grows year on year. In 2018 mobile ad spend worldwide amounted to $159.88 billion, it’s expected to pass $250 billion by 2021.

The figures are mind-blowing, humans spend a considerable amount of time on their smartphones. As technology advances so does the way we market to our mobile users, in this article you will find some useful expected trends going into 2020.

1. Voice Search

Voice search is on the rise, by 2020 30% of mobile web search will be done without a screen. Consumers are coming around to the idea of smart speakers. Whether it’s Google Home, Amazon Echo, or Cortana, voice search optimisation is now a thing.

You might be wondering how to optimise your online content for voice search? The good news is that if you utilizing current SEO best practices then there’s very little you need to do differently. If you run a site then simple practices like ensuring your address and opening hours are readily available on your site should be the first step. Don’t hide information in text images either! Use good old fashioned HTML! Let those search engine spiders analyse your content.

Think about your actual products and services, sure you may know your business in and out but that doesn’t mean your customers will. They may not even realise they need your services, what questions are prospective customers likely to ask? What information do your customers need to make an informed decision? What’s the unique selling proposition? These are all questions you need to pre-emptively answer.

One of the most effective strategies you can adopt is targeted bidding on long-tail keywords. Utilize Adword location extensions, the extension is a powerful way to ensure your ads are being displayed to those highly motivated shoppers. Enabling these extensions allows you to have your business address, phone number and directions to your business displayed alongside your ads.

2. Chat Bots

Chatbots are a crucial operational element of both big and small enterprise businesses, they are able to filter, handle customer queries and resolve issues. Chatbots are more popular than ever. Expect to see more and more critical business functions handed over to chatbot AI’s. There was a time you would have to call your bank to authorise a certain type of payment, these days you can do it from an SMS chatbot with a simple Y or N to authorise a transaction. If you haven’t done so already, incorporating chatbots into your business will save you time and money.

Bots with sincere emotional intelligence are likely to show up at one point in the future, have you ever told Siri you don’t like him?

3. Video

Marketers have found out quickly that visual audio content attracts more people, the reasons are simple, it’s more engaging, entertaining and easy to consume. Consumers find a video easier to watch than reading a wall of text, suppose I’ll have to do my next blog as a video. 83% of corporations have seen an increase in conversions, 96% of buyers claim that video content helps them understand a product better. Consumers are also more likely to share your products and services by video, free advertising anyone?

4. Social Media

Social media has been a core staple of marketing for a decade, networks like Facebook and Instagram have become two of the most famous websites on the web. Most users access social media through mobile apps with around 3 billion monthly users between Facebook and Instagram. Since social media platforms have their own advertising platforms it makes them the ideal channel for mobile marketing. This is a trend that will continue to grow year on year. So if you haven’t already, get those pages set-up! 

For 2020?

Looking at current trends we expect mobile video will grow, with the adoption of high-speed internet (5G) arriving in phones, consumers will see new formats of targeted ads such as 360-degree photos, virtual reality, industries such as travel, fashion, and entertainment will take advantage of this. Want to go on holiday? Perhaps you’ll take a virtual tour before booking, looking at buying a new outfit? Maybe you’ll want to try it on in a virtual simulation.


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