We’ve picked out 14 of the best digital and print advertising campaigns from over the past few years for you to sink your teeth into.

Marketing and advertising has become a psychological strategy that businesses implement both in the form of traditional printed media and through the online space. Over the past few years, marketing teams are becoming more creative and adaptable for their target audience whilst tailoring their message to magnify brand image and values.

Best digital advertising campaigns

1.) WWF - Light On

Light On Digital Advertising Campaign By WWF

WWF is a well known brand for displaying powerful advertising campaigns, driving plenty of awareness for their mission and purpose. This digital ad highlights the large impact a small human action can have upon the environment. 

2.) WWF - Recycle

Recycle Digital Advertising Campaign by WWF

Another simple yet powerful digital ad from WWF using simplicity to send a powerful message.

3.) McDonalds - Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering Digital Advertising Campaign McDonalds

One of the most creative app install campaigns we’ve seen - when Mc Donalds released their mobile app, of course they needed to run a campaign to increase installs, so they formatted their product to fit mobile devices. 

4.) McDonalds - Happy Fathers Day

Fathers Day Digital Advertising Campaign McDonalds

Similar to the previous digital ad, Mc Donalds created this creative display for Father’s Day making use of their own products, again. 

5.) KFC - Chicken

Chicken Launching Digital Advertising Campaign KFC

KFC’s creative flair when it comes to creating digital ads really proves to be effective in grabbing people’s attention.

6.) Heinz - Shake It!

Shake It Digital Advertising Campaign By Heinz Sauces

A very creative digital ad from Heinz sauce, the brand presented an image of their famous ketchup bottle the way people usually see it, being shaken upside down!

7.) BMW - Hit The Road

Hit the road digital advertising campaign by BMW

BMW getting creative with simple elements and managing to adapt to such an effective branding image featuring their logo.

Best print advertising campaigns

8.) Oro Verde - Save The Rainforest

Save the rainforest digital advertising campaign by Oro Verde

A more recent form of traditional advertisement from Oro Verde focused on the emotive connection with their audience, displaying trees as people to raise money for their charity, which sparked brilliant results. 

9.) WWF - Paper Towels
Paper towels print advertising WWF

A more traditional method of advertising from the WWF foundation, is the use of green paper towels placed in public bathrooms to encourage (or guilt) users to utilise a small amount of paper towels. 

10.) Coca Cola - Recycling

Recycling print campaign by Coca Cola

Coca Cola launched this brilliant campaign to encourage people to recycle their empty drink cans/bottles whilst also providing strong recognisable branding. 

11.) Coca Cola - Refresh Yourself

Refresh yourself print campaign by Coca Cola

We love this billboard banner from Coca Cola using a simple element like temperature to promote their product (obviously not a campaign to be run in the UK!).

12.) McDonalds vs Burger King - Always In Competition

Always On Top Print Advertising Campaign Burger King

One thing that we see a lot in both print and online campaigns is the competition between the two fast food brands: McDonalds and Burger King.

13.) McDonalds - Open At Night

Always Open at night Print advertising campaign by McDonalds

Similar to the Coca Cola Refresh Yourself campaign- Mc Donalds have used surrounding elements on billboards to build their brand image.

14.) IAMS - Taxi Campaign

London taxi print advertising campaign by IAMS pet food

A clever advertising idea from the pet food IAMS brand, using placements on the back of London Taxis, a huge way to stand out to the crowd.

Our favourite fails 

1.) The Conservatives - Homelessness Campaign

Cut homelessness in half print advertising campaign by the Conservatives

Maybe not the best choice of wording? Always make sure you are getting a copy writer to review your work. 

2.) Berlin Funeral Parlour - Come A Little Closer

Come a little closer print advertising campaign on subway by berlin funeral parlour

Now we’ve put this in the fail aisle, but really this is a witty & funny campaign designed for the Berlin Subway from a funeral parlour. 

3.) Sheets - Energy Strips In The Pool

Sheets energy strips print advertising campaign by Sheets

Maybe not the best of wording?

4.) Pepsi - Kendall Jenner

In 2017 this video campaign from Pepsi spread caused a massive uproar.
Pepsi included important social factors including protests and movements whilst mixing it with public figure & social media influencer Kendall Jenner. In which the campaign was blasted as completely irrelevant and unauthentic. The brand was quick to delete the ad off their own channel as well as publicly apologise for its insensitive nature.

Have you noticed the pattern yet? Businesses and marketing teams aim to make regular use of emotive connections and humour with their audience through their advertising campaigns, aiming to engage with their target market, making people look twice. 

Advertisers are becoming more-and-more creative with their quick thinking and responsive ideas, tailoring messaging to be more targeted to their audience. 

Now, we understand you might not have the marketing budget of big businesses like Coca Cola or McDonalds, but from this, take inspiration from the creativity to implement changes into your own campaigns.

Looking for more advertising campaign inspiration? Head over to take a look at our top 6 favourite digital advertising campaigns.


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