It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The most important quarter of the year is nearly amongst us, with all of the major celebrated holidays’ just around the corner. 

Holiday Dates For Q4 2021

Q4 is the best time to increase your revenue and finish the year with a bang! Bigger businesses such as John Lewis pump the majority of their yearly marketing budget into the festive season by running several campaigns, especially those classic video ads we look forward to seeing every year! 

However, no matter the size of your business, you should always have a seasonal strategy in place inline with your competitors.

Don’t be alarmed, as a smaller business it can feel overwhelming, challenging and damn expensive, but we are going to take you through some Q4 marketing ideas that you can implement as part of your ‘Christmas’ marketing strategy.

1.) Clearly define your goals, think SMART

Specific - Set goals that are specific to your Q4 goals, clearly lay out what you want your business to achieve.

Measurable- Will you be able to measure your goals? Will you be able to demonstrate the increase in traffic from your holiday campaigns? Ensure you have appropriate tracking and events set-up in advance (we recommend Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for this).

Attainable- Are you setting realistic targets/goals for your business? Have you got the budget to attain it? The resources? Remember quality over quantity here.

Relevant- Ask yourself, are these goals relevant to my business? Do I need to be increasing my newsletter subscribers right now or can I take advantage of numerous in-market audiences ready to purchase my products?

Time bound- Start planning now, before you know it Q4 will be among us and you won’t have the time to plan and execute all of your ideas to a high standard. 

2.) Customisation of your packaging and materials

Both online and brick & mortar businesses can take advantage of customising their materials, this can be:

  • Business cards.
  • Packaging including both online and offline.   
  • Offer gift wrapping.
  • Receipts/invoices. 

Really make your customers' experience more personal by adding some festivity to it. 

‍3.) Remarketing and abandoned cart visits

One marketing tip we can’t stress enough is to make use of retargeting lost website and abandoned cart visitors. The best part about Q4 is that people aren’t just shopping for themselves, but also for others ahead of Christmas, so who exactly should you try remarking to? Here's some examples:

  • Website visitors. 
  • Abandoned cart visitors 
  • Facebook page likes
  • People who have previously engaged with your ads 
  • Your existing contacts in your CRM  

4.) Special offers, discounts and promotions

The use of special offers and discounts are most important when it comes to the festive quarter, it is truly the time to invest and bring in new customers. 71% of shoppers say offers are the most important factor when deciding where to shop.

It’s important not to try and out beat your competitors, it might not make financial sense for you to do so. Take a look at your SMART goals and where adding festive offers will align with your objectives, really get creative with what you want to offer your customers:

  • Offer free shipping.
  • Add a discount code. 
  • Create a competition/giveaway to customers.
  • Buy 2 get one half price. 
  • 10% of profits go to charity.

5.) Work with a good cause or a local charity

Of course the Christmas season is known as a selfless holiday, the perfect time for your brand to give back to society and contribute to the community. Many brands choose to aid charities around the festive period by either:

  • Donating a small percentage of the purchased product.
  • Applying an optional donation checkbox at the checkout stage.
  • For a certain product purchased, all profit will go to charity.

Not only does working alongside a charity provide a sense of authenticity for your business, but also gives you an advantage to jump at some editorial opportunities, which leads me to my next point.

6.) Score some PR

Everyone loves to read about what brands are doing over the holidays, again, we bring back the famous John Lewis Advert. But over the festive period editors and publishers love to join in with the holiday spirit with their audience, sharing pieces like ‘cool stocking fillers for your little ones’ or ‘the greatest gadgets to buy as a Christmas gift this year’, making it the perfect space to try and get your products out there and in front of journalists.

For example, a few years ago, the fashion brand Missguided brought out matching dog and owner jumpers in aid of the colder season (I mean, who doesn’t love reading about dogs and seeing them in tiny little sweaters, am I right?).

The Sun Newspaper - Missguided matching dog and owner jumper

The Sun and other publishers jumped on the product Missguided were offering, making this article shared relentlessly through social media and increasing purchases. Work on putting together a list of publications you can reach out to, reach out to different journalists throughout both Twitter and LinkedIn to see if there is any room to feature your product. Your brand will thank you for the backlinks, brand awareness, increased sales and built reputation!

7.) Make use of your existing CRM with email marketing

Email marketing within the holiday quarter always proves to be the champion for ecommerce businesses. 68% of shoppers are on the lookout for the best offers, discounts and products from businesses during the festive season, aiming to bag the best deal, segment audiences in your CRM to tailor personalised campaigns.

8.) Get on top of your social channels - content, content, CONTENT!

Your social media platform is the place to be this Q4, there are plenty of ways to tailor your message and drive the goals that matter most to your business. Create some eye-catching branded content to join your audience in celebrating the festivities, showcase your products, offers and how your company is celebrating behind the scenes. Content is the key to success across social, here are some cool ideas:

  • Run a give-away, increasing brand awareness and engagement. 
  • Share images and videos of the behind the scenes.
  • Create quizzes and polls to raise engagement.
  • Share how-tos and tutorials. 
  • Create Christmas wish lists with your own products/services. 
  • Generate branded hashtags to be used across different platforms. 
  • Run a ‘12 days of Christmas' countdown, releasing something interesting across your channels each day, get your audience excited about Christmas being just around the corner. 

9.) Update your website and social media

Use your website as a sounding board- make it apparent to visitors that your brand is one that is joining in with the festivities and want to join the celebration with their customers. Do this by updating your website and social media, draw inspiration from bigger brands and your competitors to see how they are representing themselves. Here’s a couple of ideas:

  • Personalise your product icons/images. 
  • Create a seasonal section on your website. 
  • Make use of creating new landing pages. 
  • Update your social media banners. 
  • Festive related posts throughout social media. 
  • Make your discount codes holiday related e.g. ‘XMAS20’ for 20% off shopping cart.
  • Pop-ups or lightboxes on your website relating to products or limited time discounts. 

10.) Use seasonal PPC words / advertise!

PPC and Paid Social advertising are important streams of revenue for SMBs. During Q4 there is slightly more competition in the auction space trying to get in front of the same audience as your brand. During the Q4 period you should be adjusting your keywords and bids accordingly to match audience search terms to stay ahead of your competitors. If you are inexperienced with the online advertising space, we highly recommend that you do some heavy research for a successful Q4 campaign. 

If you’re looking for that extra bit of support and want someone to take care of it for you, here at CampaignHero we can help deliver that for your business. 

The desire for products and services from consumers doesn’t just stop at Q4, have you ever heard of those crazy new years day sales?! Ensure your business is also preparing for the beginning of the new year going forward, continuing to out beat competition and not missing out on those sales.  

Happy Holidays, From CampaignHero!


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