Partnerships with CampaignHero

Every single one of our partnerships, both big and small, have helped us develop our features and offerings to small-and-medium sized businesses across the globe.

Our mission is to give every small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) access to a digital marketing consultant minus the marketing agency fees. Our technology is inspired by the entrepreneurs we work with and aim to provide a versatile solution to businesses no matter their stage in the advertising landscape.

Let's Talk About How We Can Work Together

Here at CampaignHero, we are flexible in how we work with different partners. If there is a particular way that suits your business and your goals, book a time with our head of partnerships to discuss how we can tailor our relationship with you.

How We Can Work Together

We are currently offering partnerships in terms of direct referrals, affiliate programmes or as a consultancy on your current PPC projects. As a Google and Microsoft channel partner we are able to offer our partners a diverse range of advertising coupons, access to ad BETAs, networking opportunities and educational content for your audience.

Support Your Existing Team

Allow CampaignHero to support your team and customers with their advertising endeavours. Make use of our recourses to benefit you business.

White Label

You don’t need to have a team of in-house pay-per-click (PPC) experts to offer paid ads to your clients. Our white label services are on hand to take on your client’s PPC needs under your branding.

Affiliate Partnerships

Receive £15 commission for referring sign-ups to the CampaignHero platform. Register for our affiliate scheme here.

Google Ads and CampaignHero partnership

Why Partner With Us?

At CampaignHero we offer both direct referral partnerships or through our affiliate schemes.

- Access exclusive advertising spend vouchers, deals and BETAs from major ad platforms including Microsoft and Facebook for your audiences.

- Access to our Digital Marketing Academy including video and article training content specifically engineered for small businesses.

- Get involved or involve us with events and webinars hosted alongside our other partners.

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Starling, CampaignHero and Google Small Business Event
"We pride ourselves in all of CampaignHero's partners, we aim to bring quality technology and recourses to our partners who are equally as invested in the SME market as we are" - Dan Pillay, Head of CampaignHero

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To find out more about how you can partner with CampaignHero, contact our partnership team below.

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