Google, Microsoft and Facebook Advertising Optimisation

Everything you need to make paid advertising more effective

Our smart AI technology and support team within generate smart optimisations for your ad campaigns, helping you save marketing budget and drive results for your business.

Take the app on the go, available on desktop and across smartphone devices.

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CampaignHero app screenshots on mobile and desktop showing dashboard for Facebook, Google and Microsoft ads logos

Advertising Set-Up

A small business new to the advertising world? We got you. Included with our launch package we can set-up your ad account and activate high performing campaigns and ad copy generated by our expert team.

CampaignHero app screenshot showing improvements for Google, Microsoft and Facebook Ads
CampaignHero app dashboard including reporting and graphs

User-Friendly Dashboard & Reporting

Our user-friendly dashboard makes it even easier to look at your advertising performance data, enabling you to generate reports that matter most to your business goals.

5-Star Rated Support

Our Certified Digital Marketing Support team are a bunch of advertising certified professionals across multiple channels. Our team are on hand in-app and over email with any questions you have about your account or marketing related.

With our upgraded package you receive PPC & SEO audits straight to your inbox as well as online meetings. Also take advance of our Hero Academy, where you can find training materials to grow your knowledge in the digital marketing world.

CampaignHero app screenshot showing chat support
CampaignHero app screenshot access to Facebook, Google and Microsoft advertising BETAs and ad spend vouchers

BETAs & Ad Vouchers

Being a Google Premier Partner and Microsoft Elite Channel Partner enables us to provide users with exclusive advertising BETAs and access to ad spend vouchers that you won't find anywhere else.

Extra Marketing Bolt-Ons

With optional added bolt-ons for your package you can take a step further in growing your business online.

Along with advertising optimisation and support you can improve your website SEO, access click-fraud prevention and even set-up a landing page with us.

CampaignHero app screen including bolt ons such as SEO, landing pages and click fraud prevention
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