Key Metrics

| 36% MoM increase in conversions. 

| 26% MoM decrease in CPA (cost-per-conversion). 

| 42% MoM conversion rate increase. 

| 4841% ROAS through Google Ads.

Client Overview

Client Profile

The Rural Wedding company launched in 2021 with the aim to provide stunning, rustic, relaxed outdoor wedding venues throughout Hampshire and Sussex.


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Services with CampaignHero

| Google Ads

Introduction to the challenge

The Rural Wedding Company joined CampaignHero with the primary objective of increasing the number of people looking to book venue locations for upcoming weddings. Based in the Sussex/Hampshire area, their location presented a challenging and competitive market that required a well-executed PPC campaign in order to beat competitors in the auction and acquire new clients to their business.

Before joining CampaignHero, the Rural Wedding company were leveraging Facebook Ads which presented good results, as well as implementing search-engine-optimisation (SEO) practices. Wanting to expand their customer acquisition, the business sought the support of CampaignHero to acquire new digital revenue through the Google Ads platform.


In April 2021, the Rural Wedding company sought the expert support of CampaignHero to assist in building an extensive Google ads strategy that would capture the interest of their target demographic.

The first Google search campaign was set up broadly in order to determine the best performing bid, targeting and ad copy strategy for the business. Over time, with sufficient data, CampaignHero were able to refine ad groups and narrow targeting in order to allocate budget to the best-performing demographics.

This was accomplished by removing low yield keywords, and introducing new ones which led to higher conversion rates and lower CPAs (cost-per-acquisition). The ad copy was adapted for language that was more presentable to a typical customer persona, for example we changed several of headlines one and two so the location of the venue was more prominent and the unique selling points were delivered in a more structured and representative manner. This led to an increase in click through rate (CTR) which helped generate more traffic towards the business. CampaignHero also broke down useful website interactions into conversion events which were set up through the Google Ads platform. This allowed a more robust bidding strategy (Target CPA) which enabled a reduction in cost per conversion, increasing both revenue and leads to the business.


Through creating comprehensive targeted search campaigns, the Rural Wedding conversions increased by 36% month-on-month, with conversion rates also increasing by 42% month-on-month, displaying a more refined targeting and bid approach.

Through vigorous campaign testing, cost-per-conversion decreased by 26% MoM allowing a ROAS of 4841%. Overall the Rural Wedding company have seen a huge uplift in conversions whilst driving brand awareness in the wedding event industry.

Client Testimonial

It’s been really easy to grow the business with the help of Euan and CampaignHero. Euan is really knowledgeable and his advice has helped me to develop my website to convert leads really quickly! In 3 months, we’ve managed to generate £35k worth of business and far surpass our targets.”