Key Metrics

| 87% decrease in CPC (cost-per-click)
| +450% increase in leads
| 77% decrease in CPA (cost-per-acquisition)

Client Overview

Client Profile

Finest Futsal started its venture in 2017 as a micro-business with just a few members from the ages of 6-16-years old. Four years on, the business is now a fully fledged academy based in four locations teaching children the skills and techniques that aren’t taught in the football field, improving quicker response times and tactics to help set up young people for a successful career in the sport. The FFA has been working alongside CampaignHero for over a year now working to increase inbound leads and lower CPAs through the form of social advertising.


Sports and Education

Services with CampaignHero

| Facebook Ads & Conversion Tracking

Introduction to the challenge 

According to insights provided by Google, the Futsal industry market was growing by 56% year on year. Noticing the increase in competition within the South-East of England, Finest Futsal Academy (FFA) worked with CampaignHero to help put together an advertising strategy that would find opportunities for growth and optimisation across their to increase brand awareness and overall member sign-ups.


As a platform that supports paid social advertising, CampaignHero approached the challenge of optimising and building a new strategy based on previous data from the existing Facebook ad campaigns previously run by the client. 

To fine-tune conversion tracking, CampaignHero set up a pixel to establish key events on the FFA website in order to get a clear overview of analytics and attribution from Facebook Ads. 

The objective was to shift from the clients ‘boosted post campaigns to a more performance driven approach which involved building campaigns around the objectives of;

  • Landing page views
  • Conversions
  • Lead form fills

in order to generate consideration and increase leads within the target market area. Through this choice of campaign, CampaignHero were able to scope various audiences including custom-built and look-a-likes to further the clients reach and influence a more relevant market, moving leads through the marketing funnel stages. 


The success of FFA’s various Facebook advertising campaigns and implementation of conversion tracking has enabled the business to increase its leads by 450% compared to previous client attempts with the advertising platform. CampaignHero were able to exceed the clients’ expectations of lowering CPAs (cost-per-acquisition) by 77% and undercutting the LTV of an academy member by a significant amount. 

CampaignHero continues to work alongside FFA to increase their performance across the Facebook advertising platform and is looking to drive a more cohesive approach through the form of Google Advertising in 2021.

Client Testimonial 

“I’d love to give thanks to the CampaignHero team and their app which has helped aid the growth of the FF Academy. Previous to signing up to CampaignHero our only strategy was through social media and dabbling in Facebook Ads, being able to refine the strategy in Facebook Ads we have managed to grow our academy and increased our brand awareness within the South-East England area. This past year has proved the effectiveness of advertising, I look forward to the continued work from CampaignHero and hope to test PPC channels in the next few months”.