Key Metrics

| 209% YoY increase of website traffic
| 28% YoY decrease in CPC (cost-per-click)
| 8,567% YoY increase in ad impressions
| 76% increase in returning web visitors

Client Overview

Client Profile

Started trading in August 2020, Bromley Fitness Centre opened its doors for fitness fanatics who value their health and fitness as well as have a higher appreciation for good customer service and exercising within a friendly atmosphere. The business offers a range of classes, access to state of the art equipment and their own shop selling healthy products.



Services with CampaignHero

| Google Ads search and display campaigns

Introduction to the challenge

Joining CampaignHero, Bromley Fitness Centres (BFC) initial objective was to increase acquisition of new clients within the Bromley area. Before joining CampaignHero, BFC were looking to increase their online exposure through social media, email marketing campaigns and Facebook boosted posts. Their goal was to stay ahead of competition within the local area due to competitive membership rates and having a lower budget for PPC advertising. Unfortunately a few months later, the gym and fitness industry were heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic which brought about its challenges for onboarding new members, meaning adaptation in marketing strategy was necessary.


CampaignHero has been able to take a holistic and consultative role in navigating the best strategy throughout the challenging year. In 2021 CampaignHero and Bromley Fitness centre were able to put together a comprehensive strategy starting with brand awareness campaigns. Making use of Affinity and In-Market audiences both on the Google Display Network and through YouTube to generate interest within a 3km radius of Bromley. As reopen dates for gyms grew closer, following the 2020 lockdown, both Search and Display remarketing ads allowed the business to capture previously interested audiences who were in the market in joining gyms. With great success, the collaboration between both CampaignHero and BFC has allowed an expansion in their Google Advertising by using Search and Display campaigns to both broaden reach with in-market audiences and increase retention with current members to explore other avenues and offerings they have to offer.


Through the use of Google Search and Display campaigns CampaignHero have managed to increase website traffic to Bromley Fitness centre by 209% as well as decrease CPCs by 28%. Throughout recent Google Advertising campaigns focused on remarketing audiences, our team has managed to increase returning website visitors by 78% since starting its remarketing focused campaigns working on retention. Overall the business has seen a huge uplift in conversions and enquiries into its membership spaces since reopening its doors in 2021.

Client Testimonial

“CampaignHero has taught us a lot about the ppc world in general, but has also helped us remould our marketing strategy to become a more effective way of generating brand awareness and converting prospects. For a small company it is difficult to have a strong understanding of digital marketing, especially PPC, and CampaignHero has allowed us to understand more about ads and how they should be run.”