Close PPC Leads Faster

Stop forcing your best salespeople to admin, start helping them hot leads to close.

Stop restricting your best account managers to guessing, start helping them hot data to analyse.

If you’re not maximising every PPC lead, then you’re missing out on agency growth.

Close more PPC Deals

PPC is about data, when your agency has the most up to date customer data to hand, you’ll close more PPC deals. Simple.

Streamline Your Sales Process

Spend less time on admin, access & 10 digit ids, and more time talking about strategy and insights.

Provide Instant Value

Don’t make a potential customer wait for a callback, provide instant progress & gratification to take next steps whilst a prospect is most motivated.

Convince & Convert Potential Customers

Provide a streamlined initial touchpoint that immediately positions your brand and process through a simple, conversion optimised route to gaining ad account access.

Choose A Theme

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Copy these 3 lines of code replaced with your unique application id & busines information & choose from a variety of high conversion themes to instantly start attracting more qualified PPC leads.

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